Management Companies

With success breeds competition. For a variety of reasons, more Americans today are choosing apartment rentals over home ownership - the American Dream of quality appliances, a new car, and a high standard of living haven’t changed despite new economic realities. As more families and individuals move into apartment complexes, the demand for luxury housing increases...but what’s the only thing more valuable than luxury?




People strive to create a sense of place and pride where they live. It’s not something that can be bought, it must be built. EnvivaCor offers just that and leverages that pride as a next-gen marketing tool for property management companies. Our instructors encourage residents to post their fitness progress and passion mobilizing social media to promote your property to potential new tenants and increasing your brand awareness and value. People want communities that have adopted the EnvivaCor platform. This means less turn over, higher quality tenants, and free direct-to-consumer advertising.

Are your tenants leaving and if so, do you have any idea why?

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